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Group-workout concept oriented around 16-week cycles that focus on mobility, core, balance and strength through a series of 60-minute workouts, was specifically created to position today’s generation of franchisees for success.

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    fitWAVE’s Story

    fitWAVE’s Story

    Josh Chrestman, a former D1 football player and high school wrestling champ, was training groups of people at his Illinois-based gym when an idea struck. He started putting his trainees through a 16-week cycle program focusing on mobility, core, balance and strength and fitWAVE was born. Now, the concept is being offered as an exciting opportunity for the fitness industry that outmaneuvers the competition.

    5 reasons to buy

    fitWAVE Franchise

    1. Full-Service Backend Support
      fitWAVE provides all the programming, all the payroll systems, all the HR practices, hiring, marketing, accounting, billing support and more — taking care of 95% of the day-to-day business operations so franchisees can focus on helping their members and their community.
    2. Centralized Programming Cycle
      fitWAVE stands out in the fitness industry by using cyclical workout programs to help athletes and casual exercisers alike achieve peak results, deploying a proven business model based on satisfied members. fitWAVE is a continuous program based on 16-week cycles focusing on mobility, core, balance and strength. The fitWAVE program progresses through phases or “waves” that allows every member to reach their peak potential via a unique programming structure. This innovative programming creates a dedicated fan base in the community and increases member retention exponentially.
    3. Multiple Revenue Streams
      fitWAVE is a fusion of different fitness styles, incorporating the science behind each to offer the best programming to the most diverse group of fitness levels. That means fitWAVE doesn’t target just one demographic or fitness level — members looking to improve sports performance can benefit from the same functional training offered to a post physical therapy patient. By offering a wide array of services, fitWAVE franchisees not only have the ability to help more people reach their goals, but they can also tap into multiple revenue streams and faster ROI in the $4.2 trillion dollar global wellness industry.
    4. A Flexible Footprint
      fitWAVE offers a flexible footprint that can fit almost any retail space with a scalable concept that ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. And unlike most fitness concepts, which rely on large, densely populated urban markets, fitWAVE will succeed in towns with populations of roughly 15,000 or more, allowing franchisees to avoid the expensive real estate and demanding regulations that come with some larger markets.
    5. An Affordable Boutique Fitness Concept
      That smaller-than-average footprint and innovative programming approach allows fitWAVE to require dramatically lower startup costs than its competitors: between $75,000 and $180,000, depending on real estate and additional amenities. The average startup costs for boutique fitness concepts come in between $250,000 to $1 million.



    Estimated Total Investment: $75,000 – $145,000
    Franchise fee $30,000
    Liquid Capital: $30,000

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